A Course in Miracles by Mystic David Hofmeister

Mystic David Hofmeister is a Living Proof that peace is indeed possible. His calm, non-competitive, and non-claiming manner are a gift to a course in miracles podcast all seeking the path to enlightenment. David is world renowned for his presentation of A Course in Miracles. He is quoted as saying that what he teaches in this work is “a thing that can be verified.”

A Course in Miracles is a revelation of Hofmeister’s profound understanding of God’s truth and the practical application of those truths in our lives. Through careful study and analysis of numerous sacred texts, Hofmeister has synthesized these teachings into an absolutely clear and concise path to spiritual healing and eternal life. The book is also filled with beautiful Biblical illustrations and hand-illustrations.

The key tenet of A Course in Miracles is the Ten Commandments of God. This foundational teaching is presented as a series of ten lessons in a logical order, each lesson leading the reader directly to the next until the entire message is delivered and incorporated into one’s life. Along the way, Hofmeister gently guides the reader through a process of self-examination and self-observation designed to awaken a powerful sense of personal responsibility. Finally, he presents a powerful final revelation in the form of a moving meditation. A Course in Miracles is thus a living, happening, application of God’s teachings and the promise of heaven to those who embrace them.

A Course in Miracles is written in a friendly and intimate style. Hofmeister, despite being a doctor of medicine for 35 years, writes with a relaxed yet authoritative voice. Although he acknowledges the medical and scientific complexities of his subject, he presents these ideas in a way that is easy to understand and apply at home and at work. Unlike many authors, he shows a genuine interest in the people and places around the globe whom his teachings directly affect. The reader will be impressed by the honesty of this man’s approach to his chosen profession and will find it refreshingly interesting to follow his personal spiritual journey from early years to his current role as a health consultant and motivational speaker.

It is easy to appreciate A Course in Miracles’ simplicity. Even the most sophisticated terms and concepts, such as “ethereal” or “eternity,” are explained in such clear and concise ways as to be understood by anyone regardless of their previous knowledge of spiritual or religious terminology. Even those who have no prior understanding of the secrets of the ancient monasteries will benefit from this author’s simple, direct style of communicating his profound messages of oneness, life, and love. The primary focus of this book is on the path toward oneness, which Hofmeister describes as “the oneness of being.” Through the use of many illustrations, dramatic examples, photographs of the various forms of yoga and of the various poses he describes, readers will be led through the path toward oneness as readily as they were by his teacher, Father Thomas Becket when he taught these teachings at Canterbury Cathedral.

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