Blackjack Basic Strategy

If you’re like most casual gamblers, you visit the casinos a few times a year, lose a few hundred dollars, and shrug it off as “entertainment”. Oh sure, once in awhile you ride a winning streak and earn a few hundred, maybe even a few thousand dollars. But in spite of your stock answer pkv games to friends and family about breaking even – (you know, question: “How much did you win?” answer: “Oh, I broke even”) you’re quite aware that you’ve lost far more than you’ve won over the course of the last year.

WOW! Now that I’ve inspired you with my personal experience you can join me in any Blackjack playing strategy. Similar to Card Counting your blackjack odds are greatly increased by proper Basic Strategy! Basic Strategy is an unbeatable system. There is no card counting, and each hand is dealt differently (though the counting rules do apply tooker playing). What Basic Strategy does is reduce the house advantage to a fraction of what it would be. With every additional card you hold, the statistical advantage of the house grows.

If you’re wondering what Basic Strategy is, let’s use an easier example. Imagine a coin with one head and one tail. Imagine a player wishes to bet $5 on heads. They can do so, if they know there are 36 heads in the hopper, or there are only 15 heads in the hopper, but they can only bet $5. The pay-out is $6 to those who bet on heads. The player has a 0.51% advantage over the house. Okay, a gambler can win, or bet on any other event, with any pay-off, but if the house has an advantage before and after the event, a winner is a winner.

You must understand that if you are no longer a winner after a session, you are set to lose. But, you can be a winner for a limited period of time if you bet correctly. Basic Strategy shows you how to win. Winning gamblers are confident when they bet, and when they play, they use Basic Strategy.

Perhaps the conceded fact that no gambling system exists that allows a player to beat the casino is the most misleading statement of all times. It’s easy to prove false with statistics and math. Say you cannot beat the casino’s edge. You can count cards in time to know that. You can calculate your odds, based on period and frequency of occurrence of a certain card, and make a strategy to bet according to your knowledge and how likely you are feeling. Basic Strategy is the winner you are looking for. Basic Strategy is the system that, after study and practice, will platinum your bankroll and make you a winner.

The fact that no one can beat the casino is merely universe’s way of telling you that you can not beat the casino in the long run. Do not let the myths of casino cheating discourage you from using Basic Strategy. Basic Strategy is the system that makes you a a a winner. Increase your winnings by eliminating those myths.

Myth #3: Card Counting Will Make You Add Money

Card counting, or even a Basic Strategy of betting only based on aces and eights, can win you money, provided the deck is on your side. If the deck is filled with tens and lower cards, you will have a Basic Strategy edge, but still lose to the casino’s edge.

Card counting is by far the best strategy you can use playing blackjack. Basic Strategy, while better, is okay. You can use both to pickup Basic Strategy edge on occasion, and have a little fun. If you hit the jackpot at the casino with both, guess what? You won’t have lost anything!

Myth #4: You’re Advantage Is Gonna Get Cracked!

Blackjack has beaten all the casinos because of card counting. Your advantage is not gonna get cracked! Contrary to Popular The belief that card counting is a sure-fire way to lose because of the built-in house edge, card counting Pascal proven to be the only strategy that can guarantee you beating the casinos no matter what game you play.

Card counting is the only way to win at blackjack. Once you understand the mechanism of how the game is played, you can extract the advantage you need to overcome the built-in house edge.

Once you unlock the mystery of card counting, you can’t help but bet more money because you know you have the advantage.

Myth #5: Card Counting Can’t Beat the House Advantage!

estroising the fact that you can beat the house with card counting is ignorant. If you think about it, the casino isn’t counting cards to trick you. They are counting, and playing with the true count, which is the true probability of a deck of cards as played by a casino dealer.

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