Fall Leather Clothing Tips

The “-ber” months have just started, and with the cooler weather already beginning to set in preparation tienda online de articulos de cuero the upcoming winter, this fall season comes replete with new clothing trends for the fashion-conscious.

The main trend: Leather Clothing. Of course, never would this timeless staple go out of style in any season as evidenced by the leather boots, leather pants, leather gloves, and leather jackets that have peppered the latest in almost every fashion magazine, blog, and TV shots worldwide. This trend is and always will be considered a staple in the chic wardrobe department.

However, for this fall season of 2010, leather will reach new heights by being used on almost any sort of clothing. Yes, leather can now be worn to work.

The trick to being able to manage such a feat is to make sure that the outfit looks modest and refined enough to be respectable-looking for work and yet it must also achieve balance through a right ounce of sexy and tough to achieve that type of sophistication that only leather can bring to a work outfit.

Donning a sleek black leather trench coat over a fitting little white mini- dress (it would look better if it were knitted-like a body-hugging little white sweater mini- dress with a turtleneck) and sheer black tights or stockings with a pair of neutral-colored boots (in shades of caramel, gray or beige) could do the trick; if not boots then red or black stilettos would also do real well for the work outfit.

The leather coat must be tailored well because the aim for this look is the sleek, classy and sophisticated stream-lined style that can give that aura of polished-sexy-tough that can be carried perfectly to the workplace.

Small black leather gloves could also provide that hint of sexy toughness to a long-sleeved contoured dress (which would look good in sleek neutral colors like camel, beige, white or gray).

And yes, leather can be worn in an all-black ensemble without having to look too much like a goth queen. The trick to being able to pull of this look without looking like some trashy or all-out rock chick or vampire is in the layering and play of textures.

As of this season, sheer, velvet, lace, and lingerie-inspired clothing can provide feminine textures to the tough touch of leather.

A black silk or satin slip with a printed neckline (in striking but sleek colors such as silver-white or white-gold), black shorts, thigh-length sheer black stockings (absolutely no runs and grungy rips or whatnot), black leather jacket with the sleeves folded up to the forearms, and black brogues, or pointed/narrow-edged edged flats or ankle-length boots would look cute and chic enough for a night out. It would look cuter if the flats or boots had an interesting texture like fur or feathery or a design done in black crystal or some other more neutral color in a more subdued finish (to avoid upstaging the neckline).

To top this look off, an elegant purse bag in a sleek and striking color that would look good with the neckline and shoes would give the overall look that chic-yet-cute-yet-classy finish. This is the sort of look that can go from evening casual to a party night-out.

A soft lace dress in pastel color can also be complemented with a leather jacket or boots and give that interesting play of irony between sweet-innocent-and-sexy-tough.

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