Forgotten Dreams 15


In quiet recesses of the mind
Where linger seed thoughts of all mankind
The gentle thrill of new thought born
Is oft an old thought fresh greeting morn
Our thoughts have just begun to grace
Another spiral in brain’s staircase
If we have only one tenth proved
What fate ahead for some future race?
If each has ten times the reason
Ten times more of sun, soil and season
If love was magnified ten times more
Great love there’d be, love as ne’er before!
So if we could by ten times increase our talents
Focus ten times clearer greater vision latent
If we had only ten times our present wisdom
We could encompass all Nature in our kingdom!
With ten times the energy, ten times the power
Ten times the joy of a rose or April shower
Ten times the happiness without hint of the pain
Is this the heavenly state we wish to regain?

But if ten times disaster, ten times evil dark
Ten times the cruelty which destroys human spark
For if spirit life, love pure and true is our thirst
Then ten times freer of evil must we be first
If love, truth, honour and goodness all do increase
If all the negative aspects of life do cease
Then life is ten times lovelier, ten times more wise
Magnified the vision glorious in man’s eyes!

…And quietly retiring to my centre
The quiet centre of my inner mind
Restless thoughts harboured in my deepest soul
Are stilled, and in reflected light I see
The purpose, beauty in the human goal-
That both Nature and man live in harmony.



They skipped and they danced
And they ran and they sang
And played all night for the ladies…

They sauntered and ran
And they danced as they sang
Some stories told as they waited

They played and they hopped
Sprang with glee and then stopped
To play music of the minstrels

From morning to night
They were merry and bright
Their laughter heard through the castle

They laughed and they cried
Till they dropped down and sighed!
In silence to sleep like babies

Then in morning light
They stretched yawned, awoke bright
As great gold sun it awakened

They skipped and they ran
And they hopped and they sang
Calling for all to be merry

They twisted and turned
They smiled and none were spurned
Recount merry tales and fables

They played tricks in snow
Brought to old cheeks a glow
With happy songs and the dancing

Jokes and their laughter
Brought some to tears after
They brought cheer and delight to all

Their stories were good
But they took time for food
So the cook too would be happy
They paused and wandered
Their time all but squandered
Needing to refresh their spirits
They whistled to wait
At the great castle gate
Ready to resume journeying
Their jokes and fables
Were retold at tables
By servants, the lords and ladies
Children delighted
And no new fights started
So wise were the tales they’d been told
Men, boys remained bold
And ladies loved be told
That their lovers were really true
Soothing old men’s fears
Drying young maiden’s tears
Merry minstrels brought fun to the castle.



Millions of times has the Moon arisen
Millions of times the Sun set on the plain
Millions of stars in the sky high above
Millions of rocks have dust crumbled below
Millions of seeds have sprouted green to grow
Millions of animals hunted and slain
Millions of times has it stormed and it rained
Millions of humans been born on the earth
Millions of souls born again and again
Millions of lives and millions of lovings
Over millions of years experiencing pleasure and pain

First humans unquesting, save to exist without strain
Spawn of their forebears bound close together
To shield them from hunger, floods, lightning and rain
And from wild beasts and mammoths which roamed ever present
Through the nights filled with roaring and days fearing pain
When stars were the night lights snuffed out at the morning
When the sun God arose gathering its Light gods in train
‘Twas then that the great One manifested with dawn light
Power setting all creatures moving and restless again
To continue their lives of days unquesting, unthinking
Experiencing only the cycles of pleasure and pain.

Millions of years were thus spent in man’s growing
Developing, thought, feeling beyond savage estate
Millions of efforts of thoughtful life and experience
Brought him to culture and the power to create

Millions the efforts which failed in man’s history
Millions of energies he has lost, spent quite in vain
Millions of actions have resulted in some goodness
And brought him to think, build, create and restrain

The blink of eye seems value of our present
No time at all, ours seems, in history’s page that we’re in
No value perceived in the millions of men’s lifetimes
But that which proves we’ve gained in goodness, not sin

Balance of millions of lives is at stake now
The whole world shows imbalance in both nature and man
We have to hold fast to the millions of energies
Given by heroes in the past to the Plan.

Now, duped by the dollar, dull to our fellows
Millions excited by power and material gain
Undaunted, our scientists and those others of skill
Push forward this “progress” unaware of strain.

Man is victim of himself in this era
(Though surviving the millions of quakes, droughts and floods)
Nature is not the enemy – only his own fear
Of his fellows and aberrations of good

No other kingdom fears its own as does human
Animals fear their predators as nature’s designed
All else seems mastered through millions of man efforts
But still man lives fearful, afraid of his kind.

He must choose now survival of thought, his culture
Goodness, virtue and talents gained in this present Age
From millions of lives and millions of human dyings
Of earth man as he’s grown from raw savage to sage.

Millions of grains of sand on the seashore
Millions of droplets in sea and the lake
Millions of sparks from fires the world o’er
And millions of life forms does Nature make

Millions of lives live on earth and water
Millions of sky living birds in the air
Millions the creatures in seas and the lakes
Millions the life breathing forms everywhere

There’re millions of others like to yourself
There’re millions of others who awake at dawn
There’re millions of friends unmet yet for you
There’re millions of souls have yet to be born

Millions of years to make mankind manifest
Millions of breaths giving life to his deed
Millions of hopes and the millions of dreams
Millions of aspirations now must succeed!



Life for me in modern times is spoilt by rock and roll
And noise and harsh pollutants and aimless youth on dole
Jungles of nightclubs where psychedelic beams add strain
Strident basic drum beats – jungle screams disturb my brain

Savage pleasures these, in times of modern age disturbed
No simple, innocent joys now – many are perturbed
No longer tuneful songs of sweet sentiment and rhyme
Quiet cultured habits threatened by noise of modern time

How can harmony, beauty, wisdom all be ignored
Thrown aside for twisted pleasure no one should applaud
Our fine developed cultured manners all overthrown
Threatens culture- shame that crudeness in its place has grown

Modern times and habits have despoiled our peace and joy
Sexes confused, replacing gentle girl and strong boy
Education neglecting simple skills to write, read
Classic values rejected, wisdom none taught to heed

No doubt there are advances, and human science has gain
But cost is too much when assessed alongside the pain
Life must move forward as we evolve a better world
But good must predominate as our aims are unfurled

Endangered food grown by poisonous methods will mean
Attractive consumer goods, fine only outward seem
Fruits spoiled by chemicals, disguising true fruit flavour
Only vegetables grown at home are fit to savour

We’ve spoiled our pristine world and thrown away our culture
In search not for survival but self seeking pleasure
Profits may seem many but compared with pain and toil
It must be seen we’ve lost life value through modern spoil.



You were the warmth, and my comfort
You were my safety and my strength
Yours was the kindness that nourished
You gave me the love and the care
I grew up and came to know you
I took from you more than I gave
I so long now to speak jungle boys strains you
But mute you are now in the grave
You toiled hard, fretted and worried
You did more than your share of work
Yet, tired at the end of each day
Loving never once did you shirk
I grew up surrounded by love
I was true fortunate and fair
Much in love with all life itself
Inheriting much from you there
But you were caught, trapped in life’s web
Imprisoned, you never felt free
You were such bubble and laughter
None valued you much, only me
I took all as my simple right
In youth’s sin so selfish and blind
I never stretched to imagine
That your life could be so unkind
You were a darling my mother
You did ever nurture me true
You were my comfort and teacher
You gave me much confidence too
We’ll not meet until the ‘morrow
Of life’s full great drama and pain
Then we’ll sing and dance with our joy
When in some future, we meet again

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